Crafting digital products.

Darroch Forrest Lawyers

Darroch Forrest needed a website that would engage clients, standing out from other law firm websites. They also wanted us to bring in some visual engagement adding a quirky, fun element to represent their office culture. We set out to build a playful experience with a clear and professional tone.

Darroch Forrest identified with the word 'resolve' as a means to describe what they do.

We mocked up an animation of the different shapes coming together to visually 'resolve' the word. Everyone loved it so we went a step further and added the ability to explode the word on click. Randomising the exploded view on each click lends a sense of play to the homepage.

Darroch Forrest are a growing company. They needed the ability to expand their content in the future.

To allow that we customised the content management system so that even complex layouts like the homepage can be added to with ease. This performance focused customisation is lightening fast in the browser and very safe to update - future proofing the project.

The Team at Darroch Forrest are really happy with the results and feel they've got a solution which represents the Darroch Forrest approach.