Crafting digital products.

Brendan Foot Motors

Brendan Foot Supersite is a trusted family car dealership. First opened in 1973 as Brendan Foot Motors with a staff of one and 20 vehicles in stock.

Brendan Foot Supersite has grown to be one of the largest and most respected dealerships in the country, now with over 90 staff.

When designing the website our aim was to create a slick impactful style to reflect the modern automotive industry and the tech features that they promote.

The site carefully manages many different content types - new cars, used cars, nearly new cars, specials, news articles and several complex forms. We created a simple admin area to manage this easily, we also pull content through automatically from the office database.

Site visitors see one simple vehicle presentation format, which we reuse for all content types keeping the site simple to use.

Brendan Foot Supersite has a lot of complex information for site visitors, we employed white space to make clean and clear chunks of content. We saved the strong branded red colour to make the sites active buttons and links really ping.

For a little fun we chopped up the layout with some strong diagonals, adding a bit of movement, direction and energy. This also allowed us to add a nice interactive style to the buttons where they toggle like a nice switch on your brand new cars' dashboard.